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The Landing Workshop – Accepted

Congrats! You’re In.

You’re eligible for our next step: You can either check out now or schedule a call with either Steve himself or the Lander Team.


Buy Now – Last Chance at $3k

Watch the Q&A above if you still have questions or scroll to schedule your call with Steve this week.

If you don’t schedule your call this week, you’ll also miss out on our discount for the course (which is available all week during our Black Friday Discount).

Our rough agenda for the call is simply:

  1. Answer any remaining questions or concerns you have about the course.
  2. Talk about how we can help you build your business, understand what your specific bottlenecks and needs are right now, and help you set goals and timelines to achieve them.
  3. If you’re a good fit and we think the course will be valuable for you, we can check out and set up your account right on the call.

Looking forward to it! Talk soon.

Schedule A Call

Before our call please do the following to make best use of everyone’s time:

  1. Decide whether you’re interested in one-on-one coaching (Which is $20k, either in $2k a month payment plan or all at once) or just our $3k Course.
  2. Make sure you’ve cleared the investment you selected on your application with anyone (significant other, etc.) who needs to approve it.
  3. Make sure you’ve talked to your bank and asked for a personal loan if you don’t want to put it on a credit card.
  4. Make sure you’ve checked with your bank/credit card/payment processor so checkout goes smoothly. The checkout form only accepts cards.
  5. Make sure you have good reception or wifi.
  6. Have a list made of the questions you have for us.
  7. And make sure you’ve cleared time for the 25 minute call. Be on the conference line 5 minutes early.
  8. And most importantly: Be ready to check out on the call if we answer your questions and it’s a good fit!

You’ll save some serious money taking action this week Taking immediate action is most reliable indicator of student success. Be ready to set yourself up to win.

Talk to you soon! -Steve