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Case Studies

  • Building from $0 to $1M ARR in 6 months.

    Our founder Steve Moraco taught himself how to code with GPT-4, wrote, and scaled DATA. Read’s profile on DATA’s…

  • Getting 40M+ organic video views with Generative AI

    One of our staff editors and photographers Russell Klimas makes AI art & tutorials, and a recent post of his…

  • Improving on Perfection with Franz von Holzhausen

    Learn which aftermarket parts the head of design at Tesla buys for his Model 3 in this Lander-produced deep dive…

  • M.A.P: 2x Your Online Revenue This Week Without Spending More On Ads

    Check out our internal guide for scaling. In this Media Action Plan (M.A.P.) you will learn how to leverage media in…

  • Scaling coffee shop walk-ins with only $4 of Instagram Ads

    Many agencies serve national advertisers, but very few these days cater to locals without websites. We had a budget of…

  • 2015 Pittsburgh Google Art Installation

    Megan Mosholder, internationally shown commercial and fine artist, commissioned Lander to tell the visual story of her installation process because…