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They’re the best Instagram / Lightroom filters money can buy, for every type of camera, any desired aesthetic. These are the filters you’ve been looking for. The filters you didn’t know you needed. Have we over-stated it yet? Maybe we’re a bit biased. I guess you just have to take our word for it unless you’re going to sign up and try them yourself.

Here’s why you should take our word:

At LANDER we’ve spent the last few years making commercial pictures and videos for some of the biggest companies on earth. We’ve shot some of the most challenging projects. Blah blah blah. 😉

(you can pinch to zoom in if you want)

We started out with just one photographer (“hi” -Steve), and now we contract dozens of people to build ads, shoot videos, and maintain a stock photo library of tens of thousands of images. We’ve invested in our community (We’re proudly based in Colorado Springs, one of the most beautiful places on earth) and we’ve enabled local photographers to make some extra money on the side with our local stock photo service.

Whatever Steve, Gimme Filters

So we know all this stuff about how to consistently make really incredible imagery, and now we want to give back. But, like, how?

Well we couldn’t help but notice how popular filter packs are lately. You know, all the other ads on instagram that are all like “tap to edit!!!” just like our ads? Those.

Basically a filter is a copy and paste cheat code for making your photos look like you hired somebody to spend an hour laboring over how the tones look. The #tones, man. It’s all in the tones. We love our tones. So yes, we’re just like every other filter pack you can buy online.

Except we did our research and looked up 20+ different companies selling filters online. We even contacted some of them. They average $12-50 for a pack of 5 or 10 filters. Some are as much as $299 for a pack of 1000 filters.

We know you don’t need that, and to be honest we wouldn’t even know what to do with 1000 filters. The thought of trying them all out gives us anxiety. So we re-designed the filter-pack model and created LANDER looks, which is an incredibly affordable weekly subscription and online course.

Lemme Buy ‘Em

How LANDER looks are different

For $7 a week, you’ll get our Looks emailed straight to your inbox, along with useful tips and tricks for making the most of them.

You’ll pay less each month (~$30) than your average online 5-filter pack (which are usually $50 or so!). and you’ll get twice as many filters.

If you wanna unsubscribe after 2 weeks, make out like a complete bandit with FIVE filters and two tutorials, and only spend $14, that’s cool too.

I Wanna Do It For The ‘Gram

We don’t stop there though, we’re all about equipping you to step your game up and make your images look professional – so we package our filters with tutorial videos and actionable advice for how to use them.

A few weeks from now you’ll be building your own filters.

Ready to join the ranks of professionals, influencers, and soccer moms with incredibly curated feeds (#goals) posting looks like these on insta & FB? Yes? Awesome. Get ’em here free.

Shut Up And Take My Money

What’s all this cost?

Once you’ve plugged in your first two filters, gotten a few dozen extra likes on your latest amazing selfie (now we’re just shamelessly flattering you to sell you. Enjoy it while it lasts), your second week will cost you just $7.

A dollar a day to blow people away with pictures you took on your phone. And you can unsubscribe the moment you get bored or feel like you have enough filters to last you a lifetime. Until then, we’ll send you new tutorials and filters every single week. Forever. Seriously.

Keep scrolling… you’re almost there.

We’re giving you looks.

To make it easy for you and to inspire confidence in our otherwise-very-shady-clearly-snake-oil-Instagram-filter-pyramid-scheme, your first week (including your first tutorial, and 2 filters) is completely free, and you have no obligation to stay subscribed.

Heck, we even put a button in all our emails that makes it absurdly easy to cancel your subscription. Really.

Tell us where to send your filters and which card we should charge in 7 days:

Once you sign up, we’ll immediately email you your first two filters, usable on Mobile & Desktop with Adobe Lightroom (Yes, even the free one). Later this week we’ll email you our FAQ, and we’ll make ourselves available to answer any remaining questions you have as you try out the filters for the first time.

P.S. – as a bonus, we’ll even send you links to all the other filters you can buy online. Literally all of them. We weren’t lying about having done our research. Now go fill out that form. See you on the other side.

Want to edit old pictures and make them new? No problem.

Want to learn how to take large-format looking portraits with your iPhone? You’re just a few weeks away.

Want every selfie & portrait to sizzle with bright colors and perfect skin tones? Done.

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