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Shoot My Ride


If you haven’t seen it yet:

Watch The Subaru Highlight Reel

Scroll if you want a video like this for your ride…

Want to get in on the fun?

Drone Shoot Meetup

If you want one of these:

…for your car or bike, you’re in the right place.

If I can get 30 people signed up by September, I’ll gonna find an awesome location and go camp out there for a day or two to shoot all the vehicles I can! It’s gonna be awesome.

Here’s what it would usually cost

– $300 –

Ridiculous right?

Here’s what I’m charging this time

– $100 –

A third of the price I usually charge just to take off. Also, it’s actually $100. None of that “$97.99” nonsense. You can pay right now with a credit card or paypal.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

A minute or three of usable footage, in the form of lots of little shots.

Like this:

A “shot” in this case is a single angle or movement usually lasting between 5 and 15 seconds, each with varying perspective and motion.

You can chop this up or set it to music or slow it down. Post it to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, wherever. Oh, and of course these little clips are perfect Vine fodder.

+ Processing

I’ll make sure your video looks fantastic before I deliver it. It won’t have sound (because drones are super loud).


This includes:
Tone/contrast grading by a professional video color grader.
Compiling all usable footage.
Compression and digital delivery.

You’ll get a Dropbox invitation to a folder with your video.

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Fine Print

I can only afford to do this if we get 30 people on board, so I’m pre-selling the event. When I’m sure at least 30 people are registered to come, I’ll find an awesome location and set the date.

This event is open to anyone along the front range here in Colorado (FoCo-to-Pueblo) or anywhere in the world so long as you’re willing to show up in Colorado Springs (or nearby, depending on where I choose to shoot) sometime in September. Whether you’re a local or you’re looking for an excuse to visit the rectangular republic, if you can get your ride here I’ll shoot it (with a camera).

You’ll know the details at least two weeks before it happens. I’ll keep you updated via email. If you can’t make it you can ask for a full refund.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a Honda or Scion that you love and want cool videos to post on Instagram, or you have an awesome Ferrari or Ducati and you want to show off your driving chops on YouTube. We’ll get footage you love and we’ll have a blast doing it. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you.

Once you’ve signed up and paid, there will be no extra costs or hidden fees. All you have to do is show up and you’ll get the footage of your ride a bit later.

If you can’t wait to make this happen, click here:

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