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2015 Pittsburgh Google Art Installation

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A Permanent Installation

dsc02779Megan Mosholder is an internationally shown commercial and fine artist. She commissioned Lander to tell the visual story of her installation process because her process is beautiful and fascinating. We hope you enjoy this deep dive.

How was it made?

We set out to tell the story of her biggest permanent commercial installation to date in 2015. The piece was titled Window Of A Sunset and was custom-designed to be installed in Google’s new offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Installation took just over a week.

We were able to distill the process down into an informational four-minute video that details each step of planning and executing such a unique piece.

Incredible Lines

What is most surprising and memorable about Megan’s work is how bold it looks when it’s completed. Nylon twine with UV glowing paint illuminated with blacklight has an otherwordly feel.


The play between Google’s unique office architecture and the curves and colors in Window of a Sunset is absolutely breathtaking, and we were so excited to have the opportunity to capture the piece and the story behind how it was made.

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For more of Megan’s work (or to inquire about commissioning her yourself) check out MeganMosholder.com

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